We've had a hectic week launching Fabirk 1.0, answering forum posts and finishing off the documentation for subscription members, and to top it all I've released Fabrik 1.0.1

This is a maintainance release but I have managed to fit in one new feature; improved access levels for viewing/editing/deleting tables and their records. You can now choose to set these access levels to any group, e.g. author, publisher, super administrator etc.

More importantly we've fixed most issues raised in the forum during the last week.

  • Creating and editing validation rules now work
  • The bug: error "Fatal error: Class fabrik_csv_import: Cannot inherit from undefined class fabrik_import in" has been fixed
  • When receiving email receipts: data collected from database joins, drop downs and radio buttons now shows the label rather than the key
  • <li?The migration script has been improved
  • The error: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in ../components/com_fabrik/fabrik_groups.class.php on line 170 has been fixed
  • Exporting and importing of tables both via packages and CSV has been fixed