We are proud to release the next and hopefully last beta version of Fabrik, Fabrik 2.0b3. This release contains a large number of bug fixes (over 470 commits since the second beta) from the previous 2.0b2 release from June.

This release would not have been possible without the communities help in reporting bugs, suggesting fixes, posting translations and general inspiration! I encourage you all to continue helping us so we can quickly move towards release candidates and then a final version.

Installation instructions

Clean installation

Download com_fabrik2.0b3.zip from the downloads site. Log into your site's administration section and select Extensions->Install/Uninstall. In the 'Upload Package File' section press the 'browse' button to locate the downloaded zip file. Once selected press 'Upload file and Install'. Fabrik is a large package and the installation may time out with this method. An alternative way is to create a folder called 'com_fabrik2.0b3' on your server in its tmp directory (e.g. /location/of/mysite/tmp/com_fabrik2.0b3) and upload the files contained within com_fabrik2.0b3.zip to this folder. Once uploaded, naviagate to Joomla's installation page as before, but this time enter the path to the uploaded files in the 'Install from Directory' section (e.g. /location/of/mysite/tmp/com_fabrik2.0b3) and press the 'Install' button.


First of all make a back up of all your current Fabrik files and database tables, if anything goes wrong in the upgrade process you will always be able to revert to your old files.

Now install Fabrik as if it was a new component. Your data won't be overwritten but Fabrik's files will be updated.

There are no database changes to be made.

You may have to re-edit and save date and user elements. Please note that date formatting now uses php's strftime formatting method.

Release Notes

  • Faster, stronger, better ! There has been a concerted effort to reduce the number of queries and memory usage. Queries have been cut down by up to 400% in certain places.
  • GEORSS output in RSS feeds
  • JACL+ integration - use groups created by JACL+ to increase the granularity of access control within Fabrik.
  • Experimental option to combine and compress all your fabrik javascript files into single files.


  • Improved administration delete table options - thanks to Cyber Fabrik
  • Copy row table plug-in - This simple plug-in allows your users to select and duplicate records.
  • Option to have a single search field that will search all of the table's data.


  • New group setting allowing their elements to be rendered in columns
  • New 'labels above' form template
  • Create simple interactions on your forms without knowing Javascript, e.g. fade out this group when this elements value is true.
  • The regex validation from Fabrik 1.0.x has been ported over, also allowing for the replacement of posted data with specified regex/text.

Visualization plug-ins

  • Most plug-ins have been refractored to use the MVC layout
  • Clustering options in the google Map visualization
  • Calendar - events can now have start and end dates (thx Barbara!)

CSV Export

  • Choose whether to apply the table's filters to the CSV data
  • In addition choose which fields to export

Download the full SVN log here

Download Fabrik 2.0b3