We're hugely excited to announce that we have released Fabrik 3.0.7 for Joomla 2.5

We strongly advise you to update if you are running earlier versions of Fabrik. Fabrik 3.0.7 is not for Joomla 3+ - for that you will need to use Fabrik 3.1b. Obviously our next focus will be to release a release candidate for Fabrik 3.1b. All of the changes listed here will also be available in Fabrik 3.1rc1

If you have been updating from github then there is no need to update to 3.0.7 - you are already running the code.

Download Fabrik 3.0.7

So What's new?....

Translation has been greatly improved since we started using transifex, if you want to help out please join our translation team

We've added several new plugins

  • Open provider domain name lookup validation rule.
  • Upsert form plugin. This allows you to insert or update the forms data into another list via a friendly interface
  • Alphauserpoints form plugin, this flexible plug-in easily allows you to assign points to your users for filling in forms.
  • Candeleterow plugin. Add additional logic to determine if the user can edit a row.
  • Adding PlayThru to captcha element. A fun alternative to our captcha element's standard settings, ask your user to play a short game to ensure they not a bot.
  • nvd3 chart visualization. This is a work in progress but we hope to condense our charting efforts into this plugin
  • Form ftp plugin, enables an ftp action to occur when the form is submitted.


  • We've worked hard to make Fabrik's JavaScript compatible with IE 8-10
  • Fabrik will now work with Joomla mutli-lingual sites and sef urls
  • Added per-list/form option to disable J! caching.  Option is on the list, but applies to both form and list views.
  • Dompdf has been updated to latest from their github repository. This fixes the infamous "Frame not found in cell map" error, which occurred when a table was higher than the page height
  • A new global configuration option has been added to enable you to turn off flexie. This option when turned on improves layout in older versions of IE, but may slow down page load times on large forms.
  • The element admin list shows how many validations are assigned to each element
  • Fixed a bug where in the admin, if a form view contained an embedded list a fatal error would be produced
  • A very rough MS word, Open office form, details and list views option has been added. For now this is accessible only by appending &format=word to the required url
  • Various caching improvements have been added to the rendering engine to improve page load times
  • A global configuration option for render list links as in-line/floating has been added.


  • JavaScript actions can now be published/unpublished.
  • Calculations when group by on list have been improved
  • Additional ACL control's have been added to resolves the issue where you want to show the element in the details but not in the list view
  • Element effects now have "contains" and "!contains" operators. This allows you to run effects when a certain value of checkbox is selected along


  • Added the option to enable speech input into the field, only available in Google Chrome for the moment though...

Google Map

  • Styling options, you can now control the visual aspects of your map - set colours, remove features etc.
  • Loading in chrome under https was not working
  • static map in list view was not using static map zoom level option
  • Adding radius widget to map element
  • The map would not load in Google Chrome if the page was loaded under HTTPS.


  • Adding default value option

File Upload

  • Now creates cropped image from canvas crop area, and posts base64 image data when saving the form.
  • The administrator can define the crop window width/height
  • Can drag files onto widget


  • Sum/average calculations were not correctly calculation
  • Added evaluated default option.
  • Updated to work with the list in-line edit plugin

Database Join

  • Adding "Additional join statements" option to join element.


  • password check was not working


  • Render in list with truncate and link to details, no link was created
  • Tags are now split into separate items for filter's dropdown list


  • When used as a dropdown filter the values & labels were not correctly offset against the site's time zone
  • When the element was set to read-only via the access controls, its default value was not stored.

Cascading dropdown

  • Added the option to evaluate the element's sub options


  • Can now be used in conjunction with the list in-line edit plugin


  • Added the option to provide PHP code to populate the dropdown's options.

Yes no

  • added options per row for yes no element

Facebook comments

  • Modified the element so comments can optionally be row specific.

Facebook Like Button

  • Added open graph data options for location, type, label, contact etc


  • changed: image element, if Image property set to a folder then this is used as the root for front end selection


Fusion Charts

  • Was only showing the first 10 records
  • If showing element sums, was also including the Total sum
  • If using Fusion charts pro version, we now render using JavaScript and not flash

Google Charts

  • Was only showing the first 10 records, and was also clipping records if greater than the bar chart height

Google Map

  • Added option to always display map, even if no data points or required filters not set.
  • Added radius display
  • Allow for empty width option, which to set it to be 100%
  • Added styles to Google map visualizations.


  • Gray-scale weekends were not showing in day and week views


  • added: option to evaluate time-line bubble template as PHP code
  • Time-line events now loaded segmentally via Ajax
  • Advanced search available.


  • The group toggle not working in div list tmpl
  • Details view PDF rendering was not possible from admin
  • The form can now suppress ACL notices when trying to add/edit forms and redirecting to details view
  • fixed: form outro not saving or showing
  • Menu item meta description and keywords are now assigned to page. For details/form views you can use {placeholders}


  • Tweaked PHP form plugin so you can specify both eval'ed and file code, and if both are specified, will require the file, then run eval.  Makes it easier to a file that defines functions, which are then called from the eval'ed code.
  • Additionally we had added a 'require once' option, in case same file is used twice on same page.


  • Forms with id greater than 9 using the plug-in would get a 401 error when trying to authenticate user in the form administration page.


  • The plug-in has had a major overhaul making it more flexible.
  • Will now PUT existing records and POST new ones, Foreign key handling updated and GUI interface implemented for selecting post/put key/value pairs


  • The default user group was not being applied.


  • Repeat groups can now have a minimum number of repeats that must be added
  • Group access rights are now definable via an ACL setting
  • Repeat groups can now be rendered in a table - each repeating group being an additional row


  • For the PDF output - paper size and orientation options have been added
  • Ajax page navigation and ordering in the administration view now works correctly
  • Added Which Elements option to CSV export, for hands off export. Selects whether to export All, Visible, or Selected (chosen in popup window)
  • Search all for accented characters was case-sensitive, changed to be case insensitive
  • You can now set and change the collation of the mySQL database that stores the list data.
  • CSV export out of memory error fixed
  • For lists with group by applied, you can now state if the groups start collapsed, and if opening if one group should close another group
  • CSV import and list creation; can create database fields with non Roman characters e.g. for Chinese field names

List plugins

Radius Search

  • You can get the list to pre-filter records based on a supplied distance from the current users location
  • Added a default (lat,long):zoom option for geocoding.
  • Get records within x km/miles of a selected point on a map
  • Start active and geocode as you type options

Inline  Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the plugin would incorrectly alter password data

List email

  • Now allows the use of placeholders in the to field.

update col

  • added: , allow front end users to select which columns and values to update
  • added: caneditrow list plugin - operator option (so can test == or !-=)

Scheduled tasks

  • Back end cron running was not ignoring pagination.

Download Fabrik 3.0.7